Changes to our timetable for specific dates in October 2021

Please make sure that your customers aware of some alterations to our timetable during October 2021 on the Paris/Lille <> London route due to operational reasons and on the Amsterdam <> London route due to engineering works.

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Travelling with Sports Equipment

Travelling with sports equipment and camping materials 

Golf clubs
Guests can take golf clubs as long as they are stored in a bag that is securely closed and has a maximum size of 120 x 35 x 35 cm. The golf bag counts as a piece of luggage, included in the amount of baggage allowed.

Golf clubs that exceed the authorised dimensions must pass through Eurodespatch.

Water sports equipment
Surfs and windsurfers must go through Eurodespatch.

Camping material
Tents or shelters may count in your authorised luggage allownace provided they are stored in bags or suitcases, not exceeding 85 cm in length.

According to the regulations of SNCF and SNCB, bottles of gas or butane canisters can not be taken on board the trains. They will not be accepted under any circumstances.

You can bring cutlery and camping tools like Swiss knives or knives provided that the blade does not exceed 75 mm long. Pocket knives with a locking blade are strictly forbidden, regardless of size.

Sports bats, cues and darts
Bats, billiard cues and darts may count in your authorized baggage allowance provided they are stored in a protective cover.

Dangerous sports equipment
If you need to travel with one of the following items, please contact our Eurodespatch Luggage Storage service: ice axes and other mountain or climbing equipment, javelins, harpoons and underwater guns, crossbows, matras, bows, arrows, swords, choke gun. These items are subject to acceptance and security checks.