Changes to our timetable for specific dates in October 2021

Please make sure that your customers aware of some alterations to our timetable during October 2021 on the Paris/Lille <> London route due to operational reasons and on the Amsterdam <> London route due to engineering works.

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Luggage authorised on board

Passengers can carry with him up to 2 bags / suitcases on board (not exceeding 85 cm long) and 1 small hand baggage per adult, and 1 bag / suitcase (not exceeding 85 cm long) and 1 small piece of hand luggage per child (from 4 to 11 years old).

No weight restriction however the traveler must be able to mount them in the train and put them away alone in the lockers provided for this purpose.

Strollers and prams are accepted free on board in addition to the authorized baggage allowance per person. Simply fold the stroller and store it in the luggage rack above the seats.

Baggage to register

If the customer wishes to carry extra baggage or heavy, bulky or restricted items, he / she must register them first.

This baggage will be carried on the next train available, subject to space.

Eurostar guarantees the disposal of this baggage in the destination station within 24 hours of their registration.

This service also allows them to have their luggage shipped in advance to pick them up when they arrive at their destination.

This service is available in Paris, London, Lille and Brussels.

In Lille, the check-in service is located in the "Disabled Travelers Area" near the SNCF ticket offices, near the Eurostar check-in. The service is provided by City One.

It should be noted that excess baggage fees may be charged to travelers if the amount of baggage is greater than the authorized volume and that he has not reserved this baggage registration service.

Unfortunately we can not accept any item registered or exceeding 85 cm long to and from Ashford, Ebbsfleet, Calais, Disneyland® Paris and on our ski routes.

Travelling with special items

- travelling with a bike

- travelling with sports equipment or camping equipment

- travelling with a musical instrument

Contacts and prices:
For individual customers: click here  for our list of tariffs for luggage services.
For groups: click here

Prohibited or restricted items

Please note that some items are prohibited or restricted on Eurostar, please inform the customer of our probited items