Amended Timetable 19/03/2020 - 10/07/2021

Please be aware that we’ve reduced our timetable from 19/03/2020 - 10/07/2021. This is a result of changes we’ve made to our services due to ongoing travel restrictions and the continuing impact of coronavirus.
Ashford International, Ebbsfleet International and Calais Frethun are closed until further notice.
Please follow this link to access more information for upcoming travel:

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Service updates

COVID-19 UPDATE: In light of changing demand and travel patterns we are making some temporary changes to our timetable.


There will be an adjusted timetable due to the impact of the coronavirus. Please find a list of running trains on the files below:

London <> Paris : From 27 May 2021

London to Paris

9008 : Departure at 07:55

9024 : Departure at 12:31 (added service from 28th June)

9040 : Departure at 16:22


Paris to London

9015 : Departure at 09:03

9031 : Departure at 13:10 (added service from 28th June)

9047 : Departure at 17:03


London > Lille, Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam : One train per day until further notice

Train 9126

Departure from London at 11:04

Arrival at Lille-Europe at 13:26

Arrival at Brussels-Midi at 14:05

Arrival at Rotterdam Centraal at 15:32

Arrival at Amsterdam Centraal at 16:11


Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Lille > London : 18 January until 18 July 2021

9145 retimings (ENG).pdf

9145 retimings 16 May -18 July 2021 EN.pdf


* Due to the ongoing impact of coronavirus, we are currently running an essential timetable only to allow those customers to make important journeys. During these challenging times we carefully review our timetable and strive to balance cancelling services in advance so that we can give our customers as much notice as possible.

However, there are some occasions when we need to review the earlier decisions we’ve made. We’ve noted a small increase in demand on certain dates and a limited number of trains that were expected to be cancelled will now be running as normal.